Why Men’s Attitude About Grooming, Cosmetics Is Changing

Men's attitudes towards cosmetics begin with skincare and expand from there. - GETTY


In the past, it was unthinkable that men would consider certain cosmetic products that have traditionally been only for women. But now, especially considering how traditional gender norms are changing, men are more open to using products that were only used by women in the past.

Matt Teri, Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer at men’s brand Huron, put it this way: “Traditional values of modern masculinity have changed. Views on gender roles and stereotypes are evolving and … wellbeing … looking and feeling good, are … part of everyday consciousness.”

Research conducted by data companies Ipsos and Spate in preparation for the Personalized Beauty conference taking place in San Francisco next week shows more precisely how men’s attitudes have changed. Wendy Wallner, Ipsos SVP and Senior Client Officer, said, “There is considerable openness to males of all ages using cosmetic products than we’ve observed historically.

This has been fueled by the anonymity of the ecommerce buying environment, the recent surge in zoom calls as well as concern about social media appearance.”

A majority of men said skin appearance is the #1 reason they would consider adding new grooming products to their routine. The men surveyed were 18-65 and, not surprisingly, the older they were, the more they were focused on skincare to help them look younger.

Younger men aged 18-34 were also motivated by skincare and agreed strongly with the statement that they’d “use cosmetics to hide my blemishes.” The most likely products that men would consider adding to their routine are BB or CC cream. (BB is “blemish balm” that is sheer, can conceal minor blemishes and has a “no makeup” look. CC is “color control,” or “complexion corrector” which improves discoloration and redness.)

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