Is Shein The Biggest Ripoff Since The Beginning Of Fashion?

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Colleagues and friends had warned me “you won’t receive all your orders at once, and some of the packages may get lost in the mail.”

Apparently, it’s common knowledge that buying from online retailer Shein is always a gamble. But who cares, when you pay less than £20 for a dress, right?


Wrong. One evening in September as I was endlessly scrolling the internet in search of the perfect outfit to wear at a wedding, I accidentally ended up on Shein. Weird, as I don’t usually browse on fast fashion sites, but this time they found me, through the beauty of targeted Facebook ads. At first, I couldn’t believe it. The prices were ludicrous – £8.99 for a blouse, £9.99 for a maxi dress, £22.99 for a coat…the list goes on.

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