Photography: How To Rank High On The First Page Of A Search Query For Stock Photo Sites

Credit: PetaPixel


You don’t need to have a portfolio of hundreds of thousands of images to rank on the first page of the most visited customer queries. In fact, we found that 83% of Shutterstock contributors that rank on the first page of top-500 customer queries have less than 10,000 images in their portfolio.

In this research, we at Xpiks analyzed a total of 14,000 portfolios that own the first 100 results in top-500 queries on Shutterstock in order to understand what should you do to be successful on the platform.

About Shutterstock

Shutterstock is one of the top-tier microstock websites alongside Adobe Stock and Getty Images. It was founded in 2003 and since then has gained more than 200 million images and more than 10 million videos. It is a go-to place for many customers and businesses. Also, the entry-level to sell there is relatively low (you need to pass an exam with one image out of 10) so it also counts millions of contributors who compete for ranking of their images and portfolios.

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