Pet ID tags: Can Newer Technology Help Find Lost Pets?

Pet ID tags can reunite animal companions with their owners

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Smart pet ID tags can give pet owners an extra pair of eyes when it comes to keeping track of their beloved companions.

No matter how much an owner adores their pet and takes precautions to keep them safe, it is still very common for animals to go missing. When this happens, it can be distressing for both pet and owner. Some of the main reasons for a pet running away include fear or anxiety, curiosity, hunting and mating instincts.

An owner only has to look away for a short time before completely losing track of their pets. Even if they spot them chasing something into the distance, dogs are often much faster than their owners, leaving them helpless. Meanwhile cats, which often don’t require constant supervision, may leave the area they know well and struggle to return home.

Pet Identification (ID) tags are worn by domestic animals to reunite lost pets with their owners. The tags display contact information and other important details about the animal. Without these devices, when a stranger finds a lost, wandering animal, they have no way of knowing whether it is a loved and sought-after pet or a stray.

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