No Shame: Journalist (?) Taylor Lorenz Caught Lying Again And The Washington Post Continues To Support Her Lies

Not The Bee


If “democracy dies in darkness,” then I guess journalism dies in broad daylight.

It all started with perma-victim Taylor Lorenz contributing yet another article in the “the real winner of the Depp-Heard trial was…” category, this one even more vapid than most.




This was a sloppy piece. Yes, everyone makes mistakes, but this was much more. It was a preconceived narrative for which Lorenz manufactured and twisted facts and didn’t care who was smeared in the process.

I read the piece in question and its central theme is that the Internet exists and people write about stuff on it and occasionally make money doing so.


Wow. I don’t know what to say. Welcome to the Internet? Glad you could join us? Need any pointers on what a hyperlink is?

And you have to love when well-paid major-media writers call out other people for making a living covering the news. Maybe she’s jealous. Writing about things that actually happened has to be way easier than having to make it all up from scratch.


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