FYI: Here’s How Highland Park Mass Shooter Legally Obtained His Guns And It’s Going To Make People Hopping Mad

Despite numerous red flags and past incidents, Robert Crimo III father helped him obtain his guns

Source: City of Highland Park Police Department via AP

(TownHall) The number of red flags that have been raised about Robert Crimo III is staggering.

Again, this was another preventable tragedy. Crimo went to a rooftop and opened fire on a crowd in Highland Park, Illinois who were there attending an Independence Day event.  Seven people were killed with at least another 45 wounded. Crimo was apprehended by police Monday evening, but as with other mass shooters—the number of red flags could stuff the trunk of a car. He was a prolific social media user with numerous posts featuring violent content. He was known to law enforcement. His mental health issues date back as far as middle school. Crimo also had a disturbing family incident which Spencer will dive into later this morning.

So, how did Crimo get his weapons? They were all purchased legally, but in Illinois, you need a Firearm Owners Identification card (FOID) to own guns and ammunition. Crimo’s father co-signed for his son’s card in 2019 even after his past behavior. I have a feeling that this whole family is going to land in hot legal water. If they knew this kid was a problem, did nothing, and then signed a firearms card for him—they deserve to be charged as well (via Chicago Tribune):



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