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Video: FDNY Captain Goes Ballistic On Far-Left NYC City Council After Being Fired Over Covid Vaccine Mandate

All over a dangerous vaccine that doesn’t work

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(National File) A former New York City firefighter who served for two decades and advanced to the rank of Captain before he was fired for refusing the deadly COVID jab went ballistic on New York’s far-left city council, comparing their life-destroying vaccine mandates to slavery and segregation.

One of New York’s bravest, who was canned under the city’s vaccine mandate for refusing the experimental COVID jab, didn’t mince words as he tore into the city’s far-left council, telling the council members, who quickly tried to silence him, that he’d given the best years of his life to New York City and the FDNY, only to be cast aside by totalitarians who are “on the wrong side of history.”


“I gave my best years to this city. 20 years, from [age] 21 to 41, and then they take it away at the peak of my earning career,” the fireman, who was visibly emotional, told the city council.

“I made it to Captain, I went through that process! You should be ashamed of yourselves!” he said, before setting his sights on Democrat Mayor Eric Adams.

Adams has been coming under increased scrutiny for his feckless leadership, out-of-control crime, and continued COVID restrictions, after being touted as the man to lead New York out of darkness by corporate media outlets on both the left and the right.

“Eric Adams is gonna be on the wrong side of history,” the fireman told the city council.

“The people who look by are the same people who thought slavery was okay, the same people who thought segregation at Shea Stadium was okay,” he said.

Immediately after he compared forced vaccinations to slavery and 21st Century segregation to 20th-century segregation, city council members started interrupting the deposed fireman, but he wasn’t having it and finished his point with passion.

“You segregated us,” he said.

“I was allowed to work in this city but I wasn’t allowed to eat in a restaurant in this city. I was allowed to work through a pandemic but I wasn’t allowed to eat in a restaurant. I could wear the uniform, go in a burning building but not eat here! What’s wrong with you people [who say] ‘trust the science!?’ You guys are fucked up!”

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