California Teachers’ Union Activist Has History Of Being An Anti-American, Anti-Semite

Union’s anti-Israel proposals draw condemnation from parents

Credit: Getty Images


One of the driving forces behind a California teachers’ union’s anti-Israel efforts publicly called Zionism a “sick bourgeois” ideology and called for an end to “Israeli war crimes and colonization.”

Soni Lloyd, a left-wing activist and teacher who unsuccessfully ran for the presidency of the United Teachers Los Angeles union at the beginning of 2020, described the United States as an “evil empire” that funds “ugly Zionism” around the world in a Facebook post on May 14. Lloyd did not respond to a request for comment on that Facebook post or another where he posted a cartoon of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu dropping bombs on Gaza with the help of the United States. After the Washington Free Beacon reached out for comment on those posts and others where Lloyd expressed anti-vaccine sentiment, he locked his Facebook profile.

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