Court Filing: Ashely Biden’s Diary Detailing Father Joes ‘Inappropriate Showers’ With Her Found Alongside Biden Foundation Bag

Ashley Biden has suggested that early childhood sexual trauma or molestation may be the cause of the drug and sex addictions she faces as an adult.

Credit: National File


A new court filing from lawyers representing Project Veritas in the federal investigation regarding the alleged theft of Ashley Biden’s diary – published by National File in its entirety last year – reveals new information about how the diary from Joe Biden’s troubled daughter was obtained.

In a new court document, Project Veritas now claims “a tipster” called the media company around September 3, 2020 claiming that “a new occupant moved into a place where Ashley Biden had previously been staying and found Ms. Biden’s diary and other personal items” upon arrival. According to Project Veritas, the “tipster” described the diary as “pretty crazy” and “worth taking a look at.”


“Project Veritas learned that Ashley Biden’s other abandoned personal effects in the sources’ possession included an overnight bag with the ‘B. Biden Foundation’ logo and miscellaneous personal items,” wrote the outlet’s lawyers. “The source who found Ms. Biden’s abandoned diary and another source brought the diary to Project Veritas in New York. The sources arranged to meet the Project Veritas journalist in Florida soon thereafter to give the journalist additional abandoned items.”

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