Trending: ‘Pedo Joe’ Took Childhood Showers With His Daughter According To Entries In Her Diary

No wonder his children are messed up, Joe Biden is one sick individual

Credit: National File


“Ashley Biden” is trending on Twitter following the verification of her diary that National File published last year, which included various scandalous details regarding her life, including “not appropriate” showers she took with her father Joe as a child.

A week and a half before the 2020 election, National File broke the story after a Project Veritas whistleblower provided a digital copy of Ashley Biden’s diary to journalist Patrick Howley.

Today, the FBI searched two addresses in New York related to Project Veritas in an apparent attempt to gain information about how the diary was acquired, admitting that Ashley Biden reported the diary stolen in the process when the story was then broken by the New York Times.

The Project Veritas whistleblower told National File that the diary was found at an address where Ashley Biden used to stay.

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