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Fake News: Mainstream Media, FDA Claim That COVID Killer ‘Invermectin’ Is For Horses Only, But It’s Actually Approved For Human Use



The mainstream media is lying on behalf of Big Pharma and the medical fascists by falsely claiming that ivermectin is a de-wormer for animals, when the reality is that the anti-parasite drug was first approved for Human use decades ago.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; a private corporation posing as a public health agency, Ivermectin should not be used by humans because it is intended for animals. A quick and easy fact check reveals this claim to be patently false.

The fact of the matter is that while ivermectin is, in fact, used in animals, it is also approved for use in humans. The only reason that many people are having to take the animal version these days is because the governing authorities have made it next to impossible to obtain a prescription for human Ivermectin, while animal Ivermectin is freely available in feed stores and online.

The lie is being put forth by CDC because people have found out that Ivermectin kills Covid-19, and if a $3 drug kills that disease, then there is no reason to take the dangerous and ineffective genetic-therapy masquerading as a “vaccine”.

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