Revealed!! Pharmaceutical Companies Blackmailed Disgraced Politician In Order To Impose ‘Vaccine’ Mandate

Pfizer and AstraZeneca were the two companies mentioned

Gladys Berejiklian - Screenshot


It has long been known that certain entities are getting rich off COVID. For example, major Democrat donors Amazon and Walmart made billions more during the pandemic after the Democrats locked down their small-business competition while allowing them to remain open. Now we hear an allegation from the other side of the world, Australia, that not only have Pfizer and AstraZeneca been paying lobbyists millions to pressure politicians to impose “vaccine” mandates, but that a recently ousted state premier was told that she wouldn’t be charged in a corruption probe if she forced “vaccines” on citizens.

And that politician, New South Wales premier Gladys Berejiklian, did in fact tell Sydney residents shortly before she resigned “that if they don’t take the Covid jab, they face total social isolation indefinitely after the stay-at-home order ends in December,” reports the Gateway Pundit.

The allegations were made by businessman Clive Palmer, a former member of Australia’s parliament and now leader of the United Australia Party. Palmer rendered his comments at a press conference a few weeks ago, but they’re now attracting renewed attention after Berejiklian was forced to resign in disgrace as a result of a corruption probe unrelated to the genetic-therapy agent (GTA, a.k.a. “vaccine”) allegations.

Cairns News reported on Palmer’s statements, writing:

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