Welcome To New York: Career Criminal Walks Free After Beating Two Women Thanks To Democrats Bail Reform Laws

Eventually the Darrell Johnson’s of New York will eventually kill someone

Credit: The Post Millennial


Prosecutors and a judge in Manhattan deemed it appropriate on Friday that a “homeless vagrant,” Darrell Johnson, with a history of randomly assaulting people on the streets of New York, multiple times, should be free to be released again under “supervised monitoring.”

“You keep giving him more tries so that he finally kills someone, and then you lock him behind bars?” said the husband of one of the latest victims.

It’s a story that law enforcement brought to the attention of the New York Post. Johnson is currently 28 years old with “more than a dozen arrests on his rap sheet dating to 2014,” says the outlet.

The situation started on August 3, 2020 when Johnson repeatedly punched a man in the face, as well as kicked and stomped him on the streets of Harlem. The presiding judge in the case had to let Johnson go free because of how bail restrictions work in the state of New York.


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