Marco Rubio: NBC Repeats Communist Talking Points During Olympic Coverage, Should Be Called ‘Beijing Communist Network’

This also follows the communist leanings in its U.S. news coverage

Credit: Fox News


At this point, the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) could just as easily be named the “National Beijing Corporation.”

Over the past few days, the network, which rakes in exorbitant profits from its exclusive coverage of the 2022 Olympic Games, has dutifully recited Chinese Communist Party (CCP) talking points at every turn. Rather than telling viewers the truth about Beijing’s oppression and ongoing genocide, NBC has opted for a “both sides” approach that makes the CCP out to be as trustworthy as our own government.

During the Feb. 4 opening ceremony, NBC analysts described first-hand accounts and verified reports of Beijing’s human rights abuses as “allegations.” Meanwhile, the network made sure to pronounce the Communist Party line, reminding viewers that “the Chinese government [says] that accusations of genocide are the lie of the century” and is “looking to demonstrate diversity.” NBC analysts downplayed China’s one-child policy, too. They also claimed, against strong evidence to the contrary, that Chinese investment is “building up local economies” in the developing world.


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