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Video: Disney’s New Radical ‘Proud Family’ Kids Show Pushes WOKE Narrative To Indoctrinate Kids, Including BLM Marxism, Anti-White Racism and Reparations

Just the latest radical ideology pushed by the anti-parent, anti-American Walt Disney Company

Gateway Pundit

(Gateway Pundit) The woke Disney company has once again proven its hateful, anti-American bias.

Woke Disney is teaching our children to be angry young communists, who hate themselves and hate their own country.


The second season of the reboot Disney+ animated series The Proud Family: Louder and Prouderpremiered on February 1, just in time for Black History Month.

In one of its upcoming episodes, “Juneteenth,” 14-year-old Penny and her friends decide to learn more about Juneteenth’s importance in her fictional town of Smithville, California. After digging deeper into Smithville’s history, they discover that the city’s founder was a slave owner.


In another scene, Penny and her friends were delivering a speech during which they claimed that “this country was built on slavery, which means slaves built this country.”

“The descendants of slaves continue to build this… slaves built this country.

“And we, the descendants of slaves in America, have earned reparations for their [suffering] and continue to earn reparations every moment we spend. Submerged in the systemic prejudice, racism, and white supremacy that America was founded with and still has not a tone for,” kids said.

The Disney show smears Abraham Lincoln and tells children that he DID NOT free the slaves.  What disgusting propaganda!

The show even promotes the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie.

Disney went all out on this one.

Watch the video below:

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