Fly Fishing: How To Prepare And Be Ready for Any Fall Water Condition

Fall fly fishing is by no means a slam dunk. But you can beat unpredictable conditions if you know a few tricks

Cavan Images via Getty Images


We fly-fishers really look forward to the fall, with its cool weather and big trout. But when it arrives, it races by at breakneck speed, or at least that’s how it seems to me.

Once the streams begin to cool down and the trout become vigorous again, how many weekends do we have before the snow flies? And once we’ve managed to schedule a few free days to enjoy the season, will nature assure we have ideal fishing conditions?


The answer to the second question is “fat chance.” Fall is an active time for weather, and we can expect everything from mini-heat waves to what feel—after the summer—like deep freezes. It may be dry, or it may pour. It will probably be windy. Autumn’s flies may or may not hatch.

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