Hunting: Sports App GoWild Seeing An Increase In Online Ammunition Scams

Scammers finding new opportunities in 8.4M people who bought guns for first time last year


Scammers are increasingly targeting people seeking to buy ammunition and other gun accessories as ammo is in short supply and the market is flooded with first-time firearms buyers, according to hunting and shooting sports forum GoWild.

GoWild, a social media platform created for outdoor sports and shooting enthusiasts, issued a warning to its community earlier this month: “Scammers are aiming for your ammo purchases.”

Brad Luttrell, GoWild’s co-founder, told FOX Business he believes scammers are finding new opportunities in the 8.4 million people who bought guns for the first time last year.

“If you’re a scammer, this is a great ploy, right? Because you have 8.4 million new people who don’t have loyalty,” Luttrell told FOX Business when reached by phone. “They don’t know what an ammo store should look like. And they haven’t bought online before.”

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